From the recording Day by Day

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Don’t agitate an alligator
Buzzz like a bee
Crawl, crawl, crawl like a caterpillar
Dummm Dideli Dee
Elongate your trunk like an Elephant
Fly like a finch
Growl just like a grizzly bear
Howlll, just like this
Imitate colors like iguanas
Be jovial, you know you wanna
Kick like a kangaroo
Pajamas aren’t just for Llamas
They’re for You too!
Moray eellll , What’s the moral of the story
Be free like Narwhals
That’s their glory
Apparently, there aren’t any in captivity
Don’t just stand there like an Ox
Shake your flare like a Peacock
Be quick like a quail
Rest in the day like a raccoon
Be slow as a snail
Tip Toe like a Turkey who won’t be jerky
Unbraid a unicorn’s tail
Venture even if you might fail
Waddle like a walrus
Take and X-ray like an Xerus
Yawn, like a Yak
Just Zany like a zebra, who needs a nap!